My Take on Leonard Cohen


Leonard, you seductive devil:
You sat on my bed in the Chelsea Hotel
singing “Suzanne.”
Idiotically, I refused you.

Now I’ve written five verses to your masterful song, “Everybody Knows”

Here's Leonard's song:

And here are my extra verses:

Everybody knows the field is mined;
Everybody tiptoes when they walk.
Everybody knows that life’s unkind
Between a hard place and a rock.

Everybody knows balloons will burst;
You wind up last instead of first.
That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.

Everybody knows that babies cry
When they have to leave the womb.
Everybody knows that you and I
Cannot escape our doom.

Everybody knows the fire's raging.
But no one puts it out. 
Everybody knows that we’re all aging
But all we do is shout

Everybody knows the paint is peeling;
Everybody knows our home’s a wreck.
Everybody gazes at the ceiling,
Fearing what we all expect.

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