Jerelle Kraus

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Jerelle Kraus's feisty Times tenure includes a record-setting 13 years at Op-Ed and oodles of journalism & art awards.  Her freelance feature writing has been published by The New York Times Magazine & The New Yorker. Her literary nonfiction has appeared in American Chordata, The Louisville Review, Crack the Spine, & Hawaii Pacific Review.

Jerelle has spoken widely, including at Princeton & New York Universities, San Miguel de Allende's Literary Sala, & Manhattan's Public Library. She's been an Adjunct Professor at Lincoln Center's Fordham University & an instructor of French at San Francisco's Conservatory of Music.  Fluent in 4 languages, she attended Swarthmore & Pomona Colleges, received a U.C. Berkeley M. A., and spent a year in Munich on a Fulbright Scholarship.

"Kraus has the eye of a hawk and the heart of a revolutionary." -Ralph Steadman

"Jerelle Kraus was Op-Ed's brilliant art director far longer than anyone. This book illuminates her love affair with that remarkable space." -Ronald Searle

"With literary flair, Kraus proves that ‘art is dangerous’." -Publishers Weekly

"Kraus writes like a dream." -San Francisco Chronicle

"Kraus serves up the elegant visual jazz of artists set free in a parallel universe, including, happily, those that went too far." -Garry Trudeau ("Doonesbury")