Jerelle Kraus

"Gutsy, gossipy, and gorgeous, this book tells tales out of school and perfectly channels it all."
-Washington Post

"The pictures in this terrific book are easily worth the price by themselves, but the anecdotes and text raise the work to a higher level for what they reveal about how the News is processed at America's foremost paper."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"Tantalizing backstage glimpses and art that merited an entire show in the Louvre."

"Her tale of surviving 3 hours alone with Nixon is worth the price." -History Wire

"Juicy, intelligent prose about the word's top editors." -Serbin Communications

"An essential book. Just read the Saul Steinberg entry – wow." -Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting

"Give this wonderful book to all your friends." -Slate

"Politically incorrect and hilarious. To discover what really goes on inside the belly of the media beast, read this book."
-Bill Maher

"The Op-Ed page as it weathered tinpot tyrannies atThe Times."
-Columbia Journalism Review

"A colorful text that includes 320 illustrations, the first a rejected back view of Kissinger tattooed with his war crimes." -Editor & Publisher

"An overflowing treasure chest of ideas, politics and cultural critiques." -Publishers Weekly

"Intelligent engineering of metaphor, satire and paradox—a triumph of content over form." -Varoom!, London

Award-winning 30-year Times art director Jerelle Kraus quit her dream job to write the only whistle-blowing book on The New York Times. Its cover image is merely one of the many gems that, after being censored by panicky Times editors, appear here — along with the priceless tales of their rejection — for the first time. Frank and sassy, this provocative book is also the sole publication to treat the groundbreaking phenomenon of Op-Ed. In launching the world’s first reader-written newspaper page in 1970 (amid much in-house controversy), The Times transformed journalism and prefigured the Internet’s blogosphere by more than a quarter century.

Behind-the-Scenes Anecdotes

  • "I'd go anywhere to see Kissinger hanged." -Pulitzer Prize-winning Times reporter Syd Schanburg
  • Why artist Saul Steinberg hated The Times
  • Why one Executive Editor stopped the presses just to kill a feature by Doonesbury’s Garry Trudeau.
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